Toyota Global – During one week Fanny Svensson and I had the privilege to work with Saatchi LA on a global Toyota brief. Toyota debut as the first “mobility sponsor” of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and under the concept “Start your impossible” we wrote The Runner. Fanny and I are happy to see how beatifully they took care of the script over in LA.

Ariel – Ariel Fashion Shoot was a live Nordic digital event that took place for one week in a glass cube at Stockholm Central Station.

We repurposed an industrial robot and connected it to Ariel’s Facebook page where participants got 30 second slots to try and stain clothes, from basic to designer garments, passing by at high speed. The ammo was ketchup, jam and drinking chocolate.

The rules was simple – aim, stain and win!

If the player was lucky to hit and stain a garment – it was washed live with Ariel Actilift and sent to the player’s home.


Jeep – Print ad Swedish.

Jeep – Print ad Swedish.

Jeep – Print ad English.

Toyota – We teamed up with Dallas Sthlm and developed an app which help you lower your fuel consumption.



Gillette – Sweden is a cold and dark country to live in during winter. As a consequence, sales of Gillette Venus razors and blades plummet for 5 months every year. On top of that, the brand’s main target group is getting increasingly hard to reach using traditional media. So Procter & Gamble Nordic needed a campaign that could connect the Venus brand with the target group during the dark season and boost sales when it’s -30°c outside.

Gainomax sports nutrion – Outdoor campaign for the new taste Piña Colada.

Swedish Gainomax is a brand that helps people improve their workout results. For Gainomax exercise is fun!

During one week in February we managed to entertain our fellow Stockholmers and make them exercise meanwhile playing. Of course everybody who played got free recovery from Gainomax.

Gainomax sports nutrion – Bananemy.
This winter there wasn’t much snow, so when we finally got some we quickly put up a piece of entertainment.

True to the well known concept “Bananas are for monkeys” that was launched 2006.

Gainomax is one of Swedens most sold sports nutrion brands.


Strokeförbundet (National Stroke Foundation) – Print ad.

Strokeförbundet (National Stroke Foundation) – Print ad “Learn how to prevent stroke at www.strokefö”

Launch tvc for boxer – tell us.
Boxer have positioned themselves as rebels amongst competing TV-distributors.

Rather than being a giant “out there” they want to listen to their costumers and stand by their side.

With a TVC we launched the campaign “tell-us” where Boxer asked the Swedish people how they want it.

All communications lead to where people could tell Boxer what, where or how they wanted their TV.

A live camera filmed an “idea-wall” at Boxer’s office getting filled with the swedish peoples ideas scribbled down at post-it notes.

As a result and answer to their costumers ideas different services, programs and solutions was launched by Boxer.

Boxer – one of the most frequent wishes during the “tell us” campaign was “I want to choose freely what channels I watch, not be locked to the ones in a package”. So Boxer launched Flex 8 and Flex 16 with this TVC.

Verum health yoghurt contains billions of good bacterias to defend your stomach from daily stress.

We decided to bring the little helpers to life and created the concept “100 billion good bacterias to defend your stomach.”

Verum is a health yoghurt which contains billions of good bacterias to defend your stomach from daily stress.

Concept launch film

“The scent of freshly washed”

Ajax detergent – “The scent of freshly washed”

My Special Day is a Swedish charity organization who helps seriously ill chlidren to make a wish come true. it can be all different things like swimming with dolphins, a computer or visit a circus.

Fuji Film – At the time Finepix Z1 was the fastest compact digital camera on the market. “Get the picture. Finepix Z1 starts in only 0.6 seconds.”

Fuji Film – “Need a faster camera. Finepix F11 gets the shot in only 0.01 seconds.”

Falcon (Carlsberg brand) – Under the concept Really we launched Falcon Lite with less calories.

Grandiosa – When Grandiosa wanted to expand their range with a pizza baked with sourdough they took help from some of the best pizza bakers in Sweden. One of them was Jessica and with her help they created their own Fine Pizza. This short documentary is a tribute to her and was spread through different web channels.

McDonald’s – Print.

Stockholms Skrivbyrå (agency for freelancing writers) – An ad without real words. The company’s tagline is “when you lack words.”

Stockholms Skrivbyrå (agency for freelancing writers) – Modular ads without words. The company’s tagline is “when you lack words.”

Frödinge TVC – under the concept “Another side of Småland” Frödinge wanted to launch a newcomer in the freezer: PeacanPie. To show the lucky merge between Sweden and America we searched for the best line dancers in Sweden. Guess where we found them? In Småland of course. The home of Frödinge.

Monster – when the jobsite Monster came to Sweden it was still common to advertise in the newspaper. One of the first things they had to do was to pave the way for companies to search talents on the web.